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Last contract update: August 1, 2020. This text cancels and replaces all of its previous versions.

Terms and conditions for the service packages

RAISIS GROUP SRL acts as a consultant and technical service provider. RAISIS GROUP SRL is mandated by the client to act on his behalf for all the elements likely to influence his digital identity on the Internet. All actions undertaken by RAISIS GROUP SRL are deemed to have received the express approval of the client before their implementation, even if in fact, RAISIS GROUP SRL must spontaneously take initiatives to protect the interests of its client.

The areas covered by RAISIS GROUP SRL include:

  • The creation and maintenance of the client's website, whatever its purpose (real estate, ecommerce, storefront, or other);
  • Commissioning and maintenance of the customer's technical infrastructure (server (s), hardware and software maintenance, security, backups, redundancies, load management and disaster recovery plan);
  • The creation and continuous monitoring of the digital presence of the client on the Internet (community management, search engines, referring sites and chatting / emailing);

RAISIS GROUP SRL has an obligation of means but cannot guarantee the result;

RAISIS GROUP SRL can in no way be held responsible for any loss (financial, given or otherwise) or for any damage, whether contractual or tort (including in the event of negligence);

RAISIS GROUP SRL can in no way be held responsible in the event of a breach of a legal or other obligation, even if this was foreseeable;

RAISIS GROUP SRL refrains from using the data to which it has access outside the missions entrusted to it;

The client's premium infrastructure is exclusively dedicated to it, whether in terms of hardware or software resources (no virtualization, no sharing with other clients), so that its performance is maximum. Apart from the client, RAISIS GROUP SRL staff and that of its technical partners, everything is done to ensure that the client's data is technically inaccessible to a third party. However, RAISIS GROUP SRL cannot guarantee the invulnerability of the infrastructures for which it is responsible (virus, intrusion, hacking, etc.). If necessary, RAISIS GROUP SRL cannot be held responsible;

The customer is solely responsible for the content (texts / articles, photos, videos, etc.) published in his name on the Internet (website, social networks, etc.), and more generally, for all data hosted on his server.

If RAISIS GROUP SRL is required to create content on behalf of the client, it will have been submitted to the client for approval before publication.

If RAISIS GROUP SRL is brought to spontaneously represent the client in the context of a conversation (chat, comments, forums, etc.), the words exchanged will be strictly informational. The urgent nature of these exchanges dispenses RAISIS GROUP SRL from the prior approval of the client.

As part of their Info-management work, RAISIS GROUP SRL staff and its technical partners (programmers, datacenter engineers) must occasionally have full access to the client's server (hardware / software update, backups, etc.)

In order to ensure the best possible quality of service, RAISIS GROUP SRL can decide to intervene spontaneously on the customer's technical infrastructure without having notified it o For example (but not only)

If our monitoring (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) triggers an alert, we will intervene immediately, even at night.

  • If an urgent update needs to be performed (hardware or software)
  • If one of our technical partners announces an interruption in service (for example if maintenance work in the data center requires temporarily shutting down the server)
  • If an attack is detected

RAISIS GROUP SRL undertakes to inform the client in advance or postponed, of all planned or unplanned actions carried out on its infrastructure;

Today, RAISIS GROUP SRL hosts the servers of its customers in Holland and Romania: https://www.greenhousedatacenters.com, https://intovps.com. RAISIS GROUP SRL reserves the right to choose its technical partners at any time, and undertakes to always inform its customers of the exact location where their data is stored (rgpd);

Neither party will be responsible for the non-performance of its contractual obligations if this non-performance is due to an event beyond its control, in accordance with applicable law;

This contract may be modified without notice by RAISIS GROUP SRL. If necessary, the customer will be notified of any significant change electronically and will have a right of withdrawal. If the client does not react within 15 days of the warning, the contract will be deemed to have been accepted by the Client;

This contract is concluded for the commitment period stipulated on the customer's invoice, tacitly renewed if it has not been terminated 30 days before its expiry.

In the event of breach of contract, the customer immediately loses RAISIS GROUP SRL's premium support as well as access to its administration tools, but he retains ownership of all elements which constitute his digital identity on the Internet, namely in particular:

  • Its domain name
  • His website
  • Its Google My Business files
  • Its analytical data
  • Its presence on all social networks
  • Its hosting infrastructure (monthly recurring charge)

The parties agree that the advance payment of RAISIS GROUP SRL's invoices constitutes acceptance of this by the parties, for the duration of engagement specified on the invoice;

This contract is governed by Romanian law. Any possible dispute between RAISIS GROUP SRL and the Customer will be settled amicably, otherwise, the Romanian law will be competent.

If RAISIS GROUP SRL's responsibility were to be engaged, the repair could never exceed the value of the amount paid by the customer, for the 30 days preceding the dispute.

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