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Analyzing the new design schemes. Isomorphic dashboards.

in Tech

Isomorphic dashboards are the most powerful way to have absolute power over the site. Well, these kinds of dashboards are part of a complete framework for web application development, offering you all the possibilities you can think of.

For many years design is no longer seen as a business fad but as an important part of brand strategy. People prefer useful and attractive things at the same time. That's why a well-designed website is like an engine for business. It can give a boost to everything: from user experience to sales numbers.

A recent study shows that people's attention spans have decreased by 4 seconds since the 2000s. Today, attention spans are at their peak for 8-9 seconds.

Even if the difference doesn't seem significant, think about what image a site that loads in one second has and what image has one that loads in 5 seconds.

And then, even if the site's speed is exceptional, people will immediately leave the page if the information they need is not put where they would expect, if the purchase process is clunky, or if the whole design looks unappealing. Yes, users have become more demanding. But their options are also almost limitless, so they can always buy from the competition.

The design of a website is a part of the brand strategy, so it is important to give it the necessary attention.

Why is design so important to a business?

Design is at least as important as the ads you run on Google or Facebook. If these leads bring people to your site, your design and UX make them buy. It's like a team that only plays well if each player is prepared for his position.

As the website is where you sell and present the product, the design should be spotless and present the users with a place where every action makes sense and every action button is in its place. Without disturbing or confusing visually.

Studies show that most people have made up their minds about who you are, what you sell, and how good your product is within 8 seconds of entering your website. You have 8 seconds to tell your customer everything they need to know about you.

Isomorphic dashboards. New design schemes that impress the customer make your job easier.

IT people can spend months building a site, thinking up a design, and building a helpful dashboard. However, in the end, even the smallest changes can turn everything upside down. To prevent this from happening and give you a free hand on the changes you want, Raisis Software uses isomorphic dashboards. If you wish to update data, extract data or change ways of working, you can always do it.

Isomorphic dashboards are the future of design, without exaggeration. These types of tables allow end users to rearrange and reorder data, add widgets to the site, and filter information personally. They can create a custom dashboard to get information faster and more efficiently.

Because end users want an experience that is personal and gives them the chance to take control, isomorphic dashboards make it easy.

Moreover, you can create libraries, rearrange widgets or edit functionality. This method only makes the job easier, giving your customers an exceptional end product that they will surely thank you for.

Raisis Software has a dedicated department for UI and UX design, branding, social media management, and marketing. Our team, which specializes in web design and marketing, brings you scalable results that are known in your business. We offer you the whole range of services you need to be in the online environment and to have a professional and spotless presence. Visit raisissoftware.com and discover the design projects we have completed, as well as our range of services.


Guest Writer

Passionate about writing and social media.

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Need further help?
We've got you covered

Send us any question at the following email:
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