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What is the advantage of SPA applications (Single Page Application)?

in Tech

SPA (single-page application) is perhaps the most popular method of creating sites that load surprisingly fast, without the server having to suffer when interacting with the user.

In this article, you will find a useful guide about SPA: how and why you should use the single-page application, what advantages you have and how it compares with multi-page applications.

If you want to give users a smooth, easy-to-navigate, and seamless experience, then you need SPA.

Many successful businesses today, including Netflix, Facebook, and Google have chosen this application. Clear proof that being customer-centric is the only sustainable way to grow a business.

And users' rapidly declining attention spans are driving businesses to look for newer and better ways to deliver seamless customer experiences.

Why? Because when a page or website breaks...we can very easily close it and choose another company with similar products/services.

That's why it's important to make sure that the user has no reason to leave the site.

SPA VS. MPA single page application vs. multi page application

We are not the first to recommend SPA applications more than others.

The reason we do this is the importance of user experience.

As the final purchase decision belongs to him, any company should have the customer and his needs at the center.

SPA applications download a given page only once when it is executed. When the user interacts with the application, only a certain component of it is modified, the others are not subject to the action.

So everything happens very quickly, greatly improving the loading time. With the help of SPA, the user can navigate easier and faster.

In contrast, with MPA, all pages are modified, even if only one page is executed.

The advantages of SPA applications

Perhaps the most important feature of these apps is that they are powerful. When users come to an app, they need the shortest possible wait time before they can do their work and leave. Performance reflects the demand for the application.

If the app does not provide the required performance, users can leave that app and choose another platform. This is one of the main reasons why developers choose single-page apps so often.

Other advantages include:

It provides stability, and fast response and does not load the server. It is possible to perform most operations offline, which is a great solution for weak internet connections.

Rapid development. During the development of a SPA, the front-end and back-end can be separated, so that two developers can work in parallel. The execution time is shorter.

Compatible with mobile devices. A SPA backend can be used to create a mobile application identical to the web application. It doesn't require a lot of adaptation work, because a SPA is already designed as an application, not a website.

Another benefit you should know is that it also helps you with SEO optimisation. Putting the customer experience first helps you with practically everything. The page loads quickly, without errors, and has a positive impact on sales and conversion rates. Because the user receives the information they are looking for quickly, without waiting for the upload, the chances of purchase are doubled.

Slower loading, even by a few milliseconds, drives hundreds or thousands of visitors away from the competition.

The simplest and most inspiring thing to do to prevent this from happening is to choose SPA applications.

MPA - multi-page application

MPAs contain, as the name suggests, a very large number of pages. When users request resources or interact, the application must go to the server, download the resource, and present it to the user.

The process is quite slow. Plus, it's painful to see performance suffer like this. However, many companies using MPA then have to deal with a lot of services and products. The biggest disadvantage of MPA applications is that they are not flexible. Users put in more effort because performance is slower.

If you are convinced that SPA applications are suitable for your business, send us a message. At Raisis Software we have experience with SPA and MPA.

You can find complete services for your business in the online environment. To learn more about how we can help you, go here.


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