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CRM TIPS. How to use this system for a marketing boost

in Tech

Software and marketing specialists say that in 2023, CRM systems will not only be business management systems, but also an integrated part of the harmonious development of a business.

Nowadays, it's easy to imagine the customer's journey through the realization process as smooth and without obstacles, stops, or mood swings. In reality, it is not so. Before long (and even during it) the customer turns away and gets lost in other open tabs, sites that offer a unique experience, chat boxes that tell him about more advantageous offers, or about products customized for his needs. sale. The customer does not have a smooth path in the process of buying your product, but they can. By streamlining certain processes and making this path pleasant, and easy to travel, the customer decides without changing his mind.

If you want to have a complete picture of your customer's journey, you can connect the marketing department to the CRM system. If you're not yet using the system to its true potential, in this article we explore its role in marketing and how it can deliver great buying experiences.

The CRM system and its relationship with marketing

Customer relationship management, CRM for short, refers to the software that tracks and records every interaction of your customers. You can use this tracking to personalize your messages, create targeted content and speed up the sales process.

Typically, CRM systems are a customer and lead-tracking tools. You can see what contact the customer had with your business, when he opened the email, and when he visited the website.

These systems are the source of truth: you track the customer's interactions and form a clear picture of his experience with your product. See where he stopped in the buying process and what made him change his mind. Because you know these things, you can optimize them to speed up the sales process.

What benefits you get: center all the data, identify patterns, and see what works and what doesn't; segment the audience, so you can address customers in a personalized way; you create optimized campaigns because you can see how the public interacts with your product and what they would like to see; you put the customer at the center of the marketing strategy and you can personalize messages and content, speeding up the sales process.

What role do CRM systems play in marketing?

As I was telling you, marketing is no longer about creating a solitary experience, but about building a personalized and complete experience for customers.

How can a CRM system help you with this?

  1. Email marketing. Despite being the old man of marketing, email has remained one of the most powerful tools in the field. CRM systems help you segment contacts based on factors such as location or page interaction. You can create personalized email messages, targeting specific issues and arousing the customer's interest. You create value and provide a personalized experience to your customer.
  2. Social Media. Having great content on social media is not enough. You need to know how customers are interacting with your platforms, what they are commenting on, and on what. On social media, CRM systems give you an overview of the influencers in your audience segments. You find out what your customers are interested in and you can provide them with information that helps and keeps them engaged. Taking advantage of this, you can create relevant content promptly.
  3. ADs. The data you get from CRM systems is a gold mine. You see a very specific group of people and you can create ads that are relevant to the audience in the different stages of the purchase.

CRM systems, powerful marketing tools

CRM systems are designed to help sales professionals, but they are real marketing goldmines. You have all the information you need to create targeted messages and unique experiences for your different customer groups. In addition, the workload is much less and you don't have to deal with tedious manual tasks either.

When you leverage the data you have about your customers, you create remarkable experiences and give them a whole story, not just a mundane product.

By combining your marketing efforts with CRM systems, you have all the solutions to create a smooth customer journey without impediments. At RaisisSoftware, we create CRM automation systems designed to propel your business forward across the board. Offering customized reports and comprehensive and integrated administration, our systems allow you to manage your entire business in one place.

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