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How to develop an effective UX (user experience) strategy for your website

in Tech

The success of a site is the stability of end users, meaning searching. But when there are over 400 million active websites, it's hard to implement a UX (User Experience) strategy that's relevant and attention-grabbing. Let's say that the user decides what he thinks about you in the first 5-10 seconds after entering the site? User experience is crucial to the success of a website, no doubt. At Raisis Software all of our design efforts put the user experience first.

While a few years ago efforts were focused on loading speed, now sites need strategic plans so that site efficiency and content impact keep users hooked.

What is user experience

When you enter a site, when you want it to load quickly, to present the information you need in an attractive way, to be intuitive, to find what you want quickly, to look good... The fact is that users need an experience integral. The better their experience, the more conversions your website will generate.

A user experience strategy involves identifying those features that have a major impact on the experience, which features are most accessed and why, when the user leaves the site, and how technology can fulfill all of these functions. In practice, all we do is combine your business goals with the needs of your users so that we address the right concerns when needed.

Google considers site speed as part of a site's analysis, but speed isn't the only factor that makes for a good experience. Over 20% of users say their biggest frustration is items not displaying correctly, errors, broken links, or items moving randomly.

So, no matter how well your site loads, it's not enough to meet your users' efforts, let alone make them stick around.

How to improve user experience:

Most sites in our area miss the mark when it comes to a genuine user experience. A lot of effort by software companies is lost in creating layout and loading speed, losing sight of vital factors. So a lot of the user experience efforts we see are just the surface, with no real underpinning or conscious intent to install.

What do we do to choose your website UX?

We're analyzing current efforts on the site to find out what's working, what's not, and what the priority changes are. Afterwards, we identify the specific objectives. Depending on the activities we obtain in the previous step, we aim for changes to expand the level of features and functions of your website. We test and implement the right solutions, while analyzing and monitoring user feedback and site quality.

The impact of the UX efforts and the growth of the strategy will be seen in the metrics and KPIs of the site. For example, you will have more traffic on certain pages, increase the impact of email marketing campaigns, increase sales, and consumers spend more time on the site.

While it may be impossible to solve all UX issues, with a trained team behind you, your site will meet demand expectations and your business will be back on the path to sustained growth. By regularly evaluating current site conditions, it can streamline every action and increase overall return on investment. Find out how we can build your website and what services we provide by contacting us at [email protected] or phone number: 0741 178 064


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Need further help?
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