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Why web applications are the new way of building apps?

in Tech

The world is changing at an astonishing speed and businesses must keep up if they want constant growth and success. As businesses have been online for a long time, more and more entrepreneurs are seriously considering the possibility of developing a web application.

To find out what is the difference between the web app and the mobile app and which one is more useful, we have prepared this guide to help you.

What is a web application?

The web application works on absolutely any kind of device, adapting instantly, whether we are talking about a phone, tablet, or laptop. Even though it looks like a responsive website, this app is quite different from a traditional website or mobile app.

It does not need to be downloaded, it is responsive and is accessed via the internet browser. If that sounds like a futuristic and versatile way to build apps, it is.

Web apps look great on any device, even your phone, and don't need updates or other downloads because they update automatically.

Technically, web applications have common front-end and back-end technologies. JavaScript, CSM, HTML, Ruby, or Python are used. For example, at Raisis Software we use the latest technologies in the industry, such as React JS and Node JS.

How a web application is more advantageous?

Web apps have become the best way to enhance the user experience, whether they spend time on their phone or laptop. Today, when many workplaces are remote, and phones and laptops are close- knit for humans, a business needs to be everywhere where its customer is.

See how a web application can help you.

It is more versatile. As we wrote above, the web application can be accessed from a phone, tablet, or laptop. It adapts instantly without affecting the customer experience.

They can be accessed regardless of the system. If you have access to the Internet, you can access the web application regardless of whether you have an IOS, Android, or another operating system.

They are convenient for the user. They don't need to be downloaded and installed, and they don't need updates. Some people just don't want new apps on their phones or don't have space for updates.

It will bring you more customers. Statistics show that only 21% of people use only mobile apps or only their laptops. Most are present on all devices. They are more profitable for you. If you want a separate website and app, you need at least double the resources: money, time, and people.

And then, for an app to be present in both Google Play and App Store, you need two versions of it. Basically, you're paying at least 3 times more when you could have it all in one place by opting for a web app.

In addition, web applications do not occupy any space and are much more secure. You will no longer have problems with software pirates or hackers who want to hack your site.

If you have a business, whether mature or at the beginning of the journey, it is more practical to create your web application, because you will have fewer costs. You won't pay for support or maintenance, and the end user won't have to pay the subscription or other fees.

Examples of web applications that you have probably come across are Google Docs, Notion, and Salesforce.

The biggest advantage for you is that web applications can be accessed from anywhere, so the whole team is connected to the company's operational management system.

At Raisis Software we create WMS, CRM, ERP, or SaaS web applications using the latest technologies in the industry (React JS and Node JS). This is the only way we make sure that both your experience as a company and your user experience is the best.

If you have innovative ideas and want a scalable application, you can also opt for a Saas-type application, used especially by start-ups.

Raisis Software also has experience in creating such web applications, so depending on the idea you have and want to put into the application, we offer you the best-customized solutions.

You can find more about our services here: www.raisissoftware.com


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